Monday, January 31, 2011


For so long - my entire life, in fact - I've used a common abbreviation to appeal for a swift delivery. For example, if we need it in a hurry, we might say, "I need that ASAP (pronounced ae-sap)!" Of course, we know this to mean as quickly as you can. Or, in the strictest sense, as soon as possible. I wonder, however, what else could this fascinating acronym stand for? Perhaps you never entertain such trivialities. Clearly, I do... and I have.

A Serious Alien Problem
Animals Squatting And Pooping
Angels Singing Audacious Parodies
Android Staging: Amphibians Prohibited
Automated System for Artillery Protocol
Angry Scribes Altering Plots
Andean Spitting Alpacas Parade
Acrobatic Spinning Abolition Pact
Acting Seriously Accident Prone
Apes Staring At Puppies
Astronauts Stabbing Awesome Pimples

I could go on... but I've Already Said A Plenty.


  1. How about Angry Spiders Attacking Pandas.

  2. Always Sundays At Pathway
    Any Sandwich Attracts Pickles
    Amazing Solutions Always Painless

  3. This has satisfied my need to laugh for the evening. I will not dishonor you, or embarrass myself, by attempting some assanine performance and saying anything pathetic as situations accelerate profoundly.

    Crap. I told myself I wasn't going to attempt silliness airplane pineapple.


  4. Is it bad that the only ones I can come up with are inappropriate????? I'll just leave it at that....