Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Highlights

In honor of our day of memorial, I thought I'd offer a repost of some of my favorite posts that honor those who've served our country. Some may make you laugh, others might evoke tears. Still others will seem a complete waste of time. Regardless, I hope you enjoy a stroll through the archives in this special highlight post. May the Force be with say we all.

Band of Brothers
I think by now, this being my twenty-second post, it's fairly common knowledge that my writing tends to be a little cheeky, if you will. Admittedly so... such was the intent. Having embraced that fact, it's with a certain amount of trepidation that I walk into this post. How can I be true to the character of this blog, while simultaneously conveying my utmost respect for the subject matter at hand? Well, let it be known that, while I may insert the usual over-stated dramatic sarcasm here and there, this post is for reals. Read More >

Blackhawk Down
Consider this my second post in a series of three in which I expose the best war movies in the last one thousand years. That's right, a millennium of war movies... most of which being made within the last eighty years. My list, however, only accounts for the last ten years... because those are the years that count. Read More >

The Pacific
This past winter we changed our cable company and took advantage of a promotional package that boasts the best rates... of course, those rates only apply for a year. After that they show up at your front door and demand your firstborn. I've seen it a hundred times.... Anyway, along with this promotional package came a complimentary subscription to HBO. This was about the same time they were just starting to promote The Pacific - their epic follow up to Band of Brothers. Tears were streaming down my face just watching the promos. Read More >

My Brief Life In the Navy
Occasionally, life throws a little curve ball at your face - like, for instance, when the other day my wife dropped a glowing ember of knowledge on my lap that rocked me to the core. As I recall, we were perched at one of the many fine dining establishments we frequent - of course, I'm referring to the food court. And as I'm enjoying my Chick-fil-a, the wife of my youth - so alive and so carefree - whimsically reveals her affinity for a man in uniform - specifically, a man in a Navy uniform. Read More >

Feathers May Be Ruffled Upon Reading
Okay, I have something to say... and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid to say it. Truth is that what I'm about to share very well may offend some people that I deeply respect - friends, colleagues, and even family members. But this is, after all, an opinion post. Am I not entitled to my opinions? Now that I feel completely justified, here it goes. Read More >

If I've said it once, I've said too much.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Sociological Deconstructing of Swearing

A wise man once said, and I paraphrase, "Why blog when you can write a book?" Whoever that wise man was, I heard him...and I listened. Hence the overwhelming neglect to this blog over recent weeks. I'm happy to report, however, that I'm now almost 44,000 words (which translates into roughly 100 pages) into a book I'm writing. You're welcome to read it when it's finished, though I'm sure it isn't any good...just a bunch of nonsense about a really short person who discovers a magic ring, but then gets captured by a bad guy who lives on a huge space station that resembles a small moon, but then gets rescued by a loving Lion, only to discover that the Bad Guy (mentioned earlier) is his father. I'm calling it The Chronicles of the Warlord in the Stars, vol. 1 (due this Christmas).

With that behind us, allow me to delve into what many will consider my most shocking expose of human behavior. The very topic alone would make any white-haired church lady weep for shame. It has to do with swearing. That's right, cursing, as some would call it. Let's just be honest, we've all done it. Sometimes we do it without even knowing it. We stub a toe, break a dish, or drop a baby, and out of our mouths come words of four letters, steeped with stigma and vulgarity.

Let me ask you this: what makes a curse word profane? Who decided the "D" word was a cuss word? Or the "A" word?

What if I came up to you and said the word beshnookah? Would that mean anything to you? Probably not. What if I told you that beshnookah is a foreign word that, when literally translated, means flopper? Would that mean anything to you now? Of course not. Now, what if I told you that the term flopper in that country was synonymous with a certain phrase that involves the "A" word? Now would it mean something? What it would probably mean for a lot of us, unfortunately, is that we'd start calling each other floppers, thinking we'd just gotten away with something.

Here's where I'm going with this. Swearing isn't so much about what I say, it's what you hear. The sin of swearing isn't about the words I say, it's about the offense I cause those who hear me. I can say bloody all I want, and have no concern of offending those around me. As soon as I go to England, however, and use that word, I'm cursing.

So what if we all just decided that the "S" word was an acceptable word? On the other hand, what if we all decided that brownies was a very offensive word? I think we can all agree - no matter what country you may live in - that none of us want to live in that kind of world.

I've said too much.

For the record, let it be known that I choose not to swear on a regular basis, as I've discovered more intelligent words to use.