Monday, April 18, 2011

Motivational Music

Several years ago we ventured into the whole potty training world, and did so with staggering success. How is that, you may ask. I'd love to tell you. It is, in fact, why I brought it up in the first place. Here it is - music. For our German readers, that's musik. Und ich liebe es... es ist gut. And that's about all the German I know. Why was I speaking German again? I have no idea.

Here comes the point - even though we've successfully potty trained two and a half kids (and three dogs), we did face a few challenges along the way. For example, long after our oldest daughters were sleeping in their big girl panties we had a hard time getting them to go potty before bed time. Our second was especially challenging. So to make it a little more interesting, I started singing them the "PeePee Tonight" song. It started as just a simple refrain with a catchy hook that I came up with on the spot. Not only did they start going potty before bedtime, but they would also sing the song to themselves all the time. That's when I realized I had stumbled onto something big.

Years after the fact, I have recorded the PeePee song, along with a first verse, for your pleasure... and for your parenting, should you choose to use it (a small royalty does apply).

Before you listen to the video below, here are a few production notes you may find interesting. The song was recorded entirely on my iPad in an afternoon. In addition to that, no live instruments were used (other than my voice), nor were any pre-recorded loops used. Every track is an original part recorded with virtual instruments. I know... mind blowing. Also, keep in mind that the pictures were added to the video to provide some visual substance. The video was strictly intended to feature the song... so, you know, just listen. I probably should have used uglier children...

I just said too much.


  1. You, sir, are unstoppable. That doesn't mean I'm not gonna try, though.

  2. you might be able to sell the rights of your song to Go Fish don't think they have one about going peepee...we do rock out the "jammie song" at least twice a week this could be a good addition to our play list!

  3. hey, eric. josie, daughter-in-law-of-dale-and-edie, here. edie told me about your blog and i've been stopping in from time to time to see what's shakin'. love the song. we had the same problem and our solution? tintin comic books. the only problem is getting reagan OFF the potty before she gets a toilet seat butt-ring. parenting is a lot of trial and error....