Saturday, February 26, 2011

Deadleaf Chronicles

Many winds, many rains, and many snow falls have passed since the days of the fallen leaf. And who would really care? Many rejoice that we have moved on beyond the raking and removal of those pesky deciduous garments. But at what cost? Are the frozen days of winter better? Is shoveling driveways preferred to raking? I daresay not. So let us turn our thoughts back to the days of autumn. And many will find that those crisp, cool, sun-drenched days of hay rides and bonfires bring back more than memories of a perennial season. Instead, they call to our minds memories of a season in our lives when a pile of leaves was more than a chore.

These tales will carry our hearts and minds not merely back to warmer days of harvest, but to the simpler and carefree days of childhood. These are the The Deadleaf Chronicles.


  1. Definitely one of my favorite @eadunaway productions. :)

  2. Was it an artistic choice to misspell "editor"?