Friday, October 15, 2010

Boy's In the Hoody

I was heading out yesterday to engage in some wholesome revelry with the boys. Full disclosure: We had a date with a PS3, a 47" HiDef, and a little game we like to call Modern Warfare 2. That, in and of itself, has inspired a slew of other posts... but I digress.

So I'm getting ready, and I realize that the trees outside are completely orange and red. I pause - gaze contemplatively out across the horizon - and relish for a moment in admiration of their beauty and radiance. And then it hits me - it's going to be a little chilly tonight; I better put on a comfy hooded sweatshirt. To my horror I am reminded that I have but one lone hooded sweatshirt that must solely bear the wearisome burden of warming me through the fall. This won't do.

Look, I have something to say, and I'm not afraid to say it. When a dog has a bowl on a hot day in July on the back porch by the moonshine, it better have some water in it... am I right? Is that too much to ask? Am I being unreasonable? No... I should hope not. All I'm trying to say, people, is that it's pointless to have fall without having a good hooded sweatshirt to wear. How else are you supposed to rake your yard, or sit comfortably at an outdoor football game, or cozy up next to a bonfire in the throws of late October? Don't even get me started on hayrides!

And yes, I have a hooded sweatshirt. But this is America... I need at least a dozen more before it even counts (there was an added measure, or twelve, of sarcasm in that statement - and I hope, for goodness sake, that it wasn't lost on you).

... I've said too much.

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  1. I'm feeling a little chilly all of the sudden. Now, which one of my hoodies goes with my pants?